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Biotechnology  & Pharmaceuticals 

Heligenics is disrupting and redefining the way new drugs are created by using genetic information at each step along the drug development pipeline. Use our MEGA-Map™ pre-clinically to identify resistance mutations and eliminate many non-responders before an expensive clinical trial. Our super-precision genetic-based trial design increases efficacy and reduces project risk. Redesign a failed conventional trial into a targeted precision trial. Our GigaAssay™ technology can be used to design, develop, and test multiple Biosimilar or Biobetter leads. 

Drug development is a risky endeavor.

What if a higher percentage of these drugs or derivatives could be brought to market or if you could increase revenue from new markets? Heligenics offers 4 new products at different stages of the drug development pipeline.

Our Pharma and Biotech Solutions 

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Minimize non-responders before an expensive clinical trial


Our super-precision genetic-based design increases  efficacy and reduces project risk


Redesign a failed clinical trial into a targeted precision trial


Discover new leads sequences for biosimilars and biobetters with a custom GigaAssay™ implementation

Join the functional genome revolution!
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