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Meet the Team



Board of Directors

​Martin has over 31 years experience as Institute Director and Professor of functional genomics. He has written over 80 publications. He is the inventor of the GigaAssay . He is responsible for general business and science decisions, day-to day management, and scientific oversight

Stan has 60 years in sales and executive management experience-Sales Manger, COO. He is responsible for general business and

operation decisions.

Jerry has 37 years experience as a Director/Co-Director. He is a Pioneer in medical genetics and genomics of common diseases.He is a Medical Geneticist Physician. He has been an executive in 2 companies. He has over 1,100 publications  written. He is responsible for scientific and business decision making.

Board of Advisors 

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Asa Lanum

Board Chair

Asa has over 45 years in business, technology, international executive, and operational experience, and has authored over 30 research papers and books. His specialty is in technology architecture and development, in addition to business process. His executive experience includes CEO, Board Chairman, Board Member, CIO, CTO, Managing Director, and Founder.

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Keith Hoffman

Board Member

Keith has 25 years experience as COO, CBO, SVP in business, corporate, science, and intellectual property development for biotechnology, healthcare data, medical device, and consumer product companies. He has a PhD in Neuropharmacology from UC Irvine. Keith has an extensive deal sheet.

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Wayne Grody

Board Member

 Wayne has been a leader in genetic diagnostics for 45 years. He has published over 280 publications. Wayne is the Director at the UCLA Genetics Lab. He is double Board Certified. Wayne is a Rare Disease expert. He was President of ACMG. Wayne advises us on Genetics and applications of and strategy for MEGA-Maps.

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William (Bill) Botts

Board Member

Bill has over 56 years of experience in executive management and turnaround experience. He also has served as Executive Advisor to several startups and early-stage companies and has also led private and public companies. He specializes in high technology and consumer products and has hands-on merger and acquisition experience. His executive experience inlcudes Board Chairman, Board Member, CEO, President, and Founder.

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David McCandless

Board Member

Dave has 30+ years of IT industry experience building solutions and transforming global organizations across multiple industries, most recently life sciences, previously maritime shipping, financial markets, enterprise software, oil, and telecommunications. His primary expertise is global IT service delivery, with a focus on cloud data and analytics to solve problems at scale. He has advisory board, lecturer, and outreach experience across industry, academic, and civic organizations.


Susan Mockus

Board Member

Susan has over 15-years of industry experience in business development, strategic alliances, and product innovation. Her technical areas of expertise include genomics, bioinformatics, and the interpretation of big data. She has led numerous commercial product launches across a wide variety of scientific translational applications.

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