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Discovering Whole Gene Biomarkers

Accurately diagnose with all mutations that cause a disease

Accurate diagnostics with precision Biomarkers

Genetic Biomarkers are particularly useful for diagnoses and therapeutics. However, most approved drugs have a single variant Biomarker. Heligenics offers Whole Gene Biomarkers, where a diagnosis can be based upon all variants with similar activity to an established Biomarker.

Whole Gene Biomarkers examine all the mutations in a gene rather than a single mutation. This is a natural conceptual expansion of what is already in common clinical practice.

Five Facts

  1. Steady growth in genetic Biomarkers over the last decade

  2. There are 100s of genetic Biomarkers

  3. Genes have many variants with the same activity as known Biomarkers

  4. Whole Gene Biomarkers expand the number of customers eligible for a drug

  5. Drug resistance mutations for a whole gene are useful

Treatments  based on one genetic marker have medical advantages

Why use one genotype when you can use a  Whole Gene Biomarker?

Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 12.59.53 PM.png
  • 46% of total recent approvals

  • One mutation as a Biomarker

From “The Personalized Medicine Report: 2017 Opportunity, Challenges, and the Future”.

One Size Does Not Fit All 
Percentage of the patient population for which a particular drug is NOT effective

         Anti-Depressants (SSRIs)            38%                     

Asthma Drugs                     40%

Diabetes Drugs                     43% 

Arthritis Drugs                       50% 

Alsheimer’s Drugs                 70%

Cancer Drugs                         75%


Whole Gene Biomarker 
Example of patients with Single Mutation Biomarker identified versus using MEGA-Map™ Whole Gene Biomarker panel


Single Mutation



MEGA-Map™ Whole Gene Biomarker 


Disease, but lack Single
Mutation Biomarker


Disease with Whole Gene


Disease with Single Mutation

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