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Our GigaAssay  Technology 


A massively parallelized platform for assaying molecular functions 

A single cell assay without the need for mechanical separation

The GigaAssay is a massively parallelized platform for assaying molecular functions of single cells in culture without the need for mechanical separation of the cells.

Heligenics Inc. was formed to implement the GigaAssay to produce mutation/function maps of all mutations for key genes already established for both inherited disease and cancer diagnostics, or genes associated with actionable therapies.

The GigaAssay technology was developed at the University of Nevada Las Vegas in the Schiller Laboratory of Applied Bioinformatics. It is a massively parallel biological assay that can simultaneously measure how 10,000s of genetic variants or other sequence variables affect the molecular function of the cell process.  This would take many years if not decades to accomplish using conventional methods, but takes months with the GigaAssay. To date, there are no other established assays that assess cell processes and molecular functions in human cells at this scale.

Comparison of the GigaAssay to alternative technologies

ClinVar is the United States National Institutes of Health's effort to develop a clinical database to connect human variation encountered in clinical genetic testing with supporting evidence of phenotypes. Myriad Genetics is a for-profit company that since 1996 originated BRCA testing. They continue to maintain their proprietary database of BRCA1/2 variants with over 17,000 variants cataloged. Below is a table comparing the GigaAssay to several potential alternative techniques and databases.

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