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Heligenics has been enthusiastically received by both institutional and individual investor communities. We also have strong marketing alliances across USA.

Our Investors 

Heligenics is backed by Corporate and Individual Investors 


University of Nevada Las Vegas 



Over 70 individuals who support early-stage seed startups have decided that Heligenics is a company that is disrupting and revolutionizing new drug development, drug rescue, and clinical trials, in addition to having a plethora of solutions to aid clinical diagnostics. 

These individual contributions, while smaller than the investments from institutional investors are no less significant as we are changing lives, one individual at a time.



Who Are We Looking For?

Do you wish to see the change that is needed in diagnostic research?

Do you have a personal story about genetics?

Do you want to be part of the solution?

We welcome conversations with individuals and institutions who believe that genetics and functional genomics with have a large impact on health.

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