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Preclinical evaluation for drug resistance

All large pharmaceutical companies assume high risk in attempts to bring drugs to market. More and more can be outsourced to reduce failure risk before the expensive clinical trial. Don’t send a compound into trials blind. Our Mutation Effect on Gene Activity (MEGA-Map™) has several applications in the preclinical drug development pipeline: evaluating lead compounds and derivatives and characterizing compounds ready for trials. MEGA-Map™ from cells treated with and without drugs can identify mutations in binding pockets that are likely to have resistance and affect efficacy. Comparison to common and disease variants can also guide the selection of compounds for clinical testing. Why not minimize efficacy concerns before an expensive time-consuming trial?

Five Facts

  1. Eliminate non-responders before an expensive clinical trial

  2. Explore binding pockets with a MEGA-Map™

  3. Identify long-distance interactions that affect drug binding

  4. Guide drug derivatization with MEGA-Map™ by identifying amino acid substitutions near the drug binding site that are likely to produce resistance and impact the drug efficacy

  5. Structure-Function-Tolerance is an improvement upon Structure-Function studies

Modernize your preclinical drug development pipeline with MEGA-Map™

Every drug company needs to do this before investing in a clinical trial

The Test You Didn’t Know Existed: 

Modernize your drug development approach by taking advantage of cutting-edge functional genomics with Mutation Effect on Gene Activity (MEGA-Map™). Through a massively parallel mammalian cell in vivo process using the GigaAssay™ technology, Heligenics produces what is called a Mutation Effect on Gene Activity (MEGA-Map™) Each MEGA-Map™ measures the impact of all possible amino acid substitutions in the target upon its molecular function in live human cells. MEGA-Map™ has several applications in the drug development pipeline: screening lead compounds, evaluating derivatives, characterizing compounds ready for trials, and optimizing trial design for approval. These are the major factors that produce a much higher risk for drug development and approval process.

Join the functional genome revolution!
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