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Companion Diagnostics

Comprehensive gene resistance mapping for better drug therapy selection

Prescribe targeted oncology therapeutics considering panels of resistance genetic variants

Drugs are designed to bind to specific protein targets. Common genetic variation affects the drug binding site and action of the protein and can affect the efficacy of a drug, but this is generally not considered in the preclinical testing before a clinical trial. For the most popular precision oncology therapeutics, some resistance mutations are later identified and considered when prescribing a companion diagnostic test. However, there is no systematic approach to identifying drug resistance. If this information were available to oncologists, it could be used to select among different drugs for more effective data-driven treatment.

Five Facts

  1. ​​Genetic variation can produce drug resistance

  2. Little is known about drug resistance for precision oncology

  3. MEGA-Maps™ with and without drugs can identify all resistance mutations in a target for a drug

  4. Enables precision prescriptions

  5. Making drugs more effective

Powering precision prescriptions because patients and payers want drugs that work

Our custom genetic drug resistance panels are the future of better-targeted therapies

Identifying 100s of target-derived resistance mutations and their causative effects in just months instead of years.

Join the functional genome revolution!
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