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Disrupting & Redefining
Genetic Diagnostics
& Drug Discovery

functional and clinical impact
of all gene mutations

Heligenics believes that people can live healthier lives. We recognize major healthcare problems can be solved through advanced analysis of the function of genetic variation. Do you want to modernize and improve healthcare with us?


What do others in this industry do?

  • 50 years dedicated to single-gene exploration

  • A decade focused on thousands of single cells

  • A strong emphasis on single variants

What sets Heligenics apart?

Our solution is the GigaAssay platform, enabling us to:

  • Analyze a million single molecules

  • Examine 500,000,000 cells

  • Evaluate the actions of all gene variants

Explore our deliverables:

  • Innovative Biologics & Biobetters

  • Advanced Double- and Triple-Chimeras

  • Enhanced Diagnostics

  • Accelerated & Improved Companion Diagnostics

  • Truly Precise Clinical Trials

Heligenics analyzes massive Gene Mutation Libraries (GMLs) with our GigaAssay™ to produce a comprehensive Mutation Effect on Gene Activity map (MEGA-Map™).



  1. Diagnostics tests target less than one percent of mutations

  2. Precision drugs target only a fraction of potential responders

  3. Clinical trials fail because they enroll non-responders

  4. Biologic drugs are rarely engineered for potency or safety

  5. Bifunctional Therapies are decade long development process

Current Approach

Companies identify variants through clinical associations with disease or drug therapy. Low throughput approaches are used to validate variants.

Our Solutions

  1. Diagnostics based upon all mutations

  2. Genetically-selected, truly precision drugs by testing all mutations​

  3. Eliminate non-responders before clinical trials

  4. Rapidly re-design existing Biologics and engineer new Biologics with improved efficacy and safety

  5. Rapid large scale screen for 10,000's of multifunction agonists and antagonist chimeras in human cells



At Heligenics we produce all genetic variants and test their functional impact en masse in live human cells by delivering Improved Diagnostics, Faster and Better Companion Diagnostics, Truly Precision Clinical Trials, and Novel Biologics and  Biobetters


"Directly testing cell & molecular functions is the key to pathology and drug discovery"

Martin Schiller, CEO;  Heligenics

Join the functional genome revolution!
Reach out today for more information.
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