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We have successfully closed two rounds of funding 

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Our History

Founded in 2017 by Dr. Martin Schiller of the University of Nevada, Heligenics Inc. was established to realize the promise of the functional genome.

"Heli" is derived from “hǣlan” an old English word that means “to heal” and “genics” stands for genomics

Heligenics was formed as an LLC in late 2017 and converted to a C corporation in late 2019. We started with just two employees and a team of advisors. We now have 6 research and administration employees, 6 sales consultants, and our team of advisors has grown as well. We successfully closed our first round of funding and are now taking on clients after building out our wet lab facilities from scratch within the city of Las Vegas.




To prevent disease and heal patients afflicted with illness through genomics.

Our Approach

Based on the GigaAssay technology developed at the University of Nevada Las Vegas in the Schiller Laboratory of Applied Bioinformatics, our GigaAssay is a massively parallel biological assay that can simultaneously measure how millions of genetic variants or other sequence variables affect a molecular function of cell process. To date, there are no other established high-throughput assays that assess biological function.

The GigaAssay produces functional genomics data that can be licensed and used for prevention-based approaches and diagnostics. Additionally, for developing new drug therapies or redesigning clinical trials for drugs that have failed a trial due to poor efficacy or safety. Heligenics products will transform the medical industry.

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